March 17

sugah girl

What a wonderfully glorious day to do nothing… must be the luck o’the Irish, eh? Well, I must do at least one thing… mustn’t I? Even though the sun is shining and it feels like a lazy day – I still must learn at least 3 new words. One must always strive to better themselves – even if one is close to perfection. Perhaps, after studying, I’ll go to the diner for lunch. Wonder if the sugah girl is back yet…

March 16


Delicious omelot today… although the coffee was once again bitter. I may have to pay closer attention to this new waitress… at least she’s not insisting I use “sugah” – stupid girl.

sugar sugar
sugar sugar sugar

March 16

insipid girl

Funny, since that insipid girl is not working at the diner right now, my food is arriving promptly, and steaming hot. Hope the she-beast stays gone. It’s nice being treated as one richly deserves. One. Yes, I like that. I shall endeavor to refer to myself as One from now on. It suits me.

March 14

stupid girl

Stupid girl popping her stupid gum in her stupid mouth. Insipid. Yes, that’s it. In her insipid mouth. Thinks she’s so smart… “put sugah in yer coffee ifn’ its so bitter, sweetie,” she said. The vile creature can’t even form a correct sentence, nevermind the fact, she knows… she knows, the sugar is poisoned as well.