April 28


I have come to the conclusion that it is my job, my responsibility, my mission, to rid the world of imperfection. This will be life-long work, of course – especially since I’ve never been on an airplane or jet. I knew it was up to me, when I permanently closed down the diner… kind of hard to stay open with no waitresses or cooks, right?

I never felt so alive

April 4


I didn’t die.
I have also discovered something amazing. The headaches – those that I condemned – are actually a precurser for my doing Gods work. I guess it’s His way of calling me, telling me I’m needed.

March 30


My head aches. Sometimes, there is a white-hot, blinding light behind my eyes and all I want to do is scream and scream and scream

Could there have been something in my food?

Am I poisoned?

am I dieing?

March 29


Busy. Time consuming work, evading those intent on poisoning one. The new omelettes were good, true enough. But some poisons are like that, enhance flavor so the victim is more likely to finish it. No more worries there, however.

March 22


I am most annoyed. Highly annoyed. Infuriatingly annoyed! I returned to the diner this morning, for one of my favorite omelets. The cook, foul vile creature that he is, came out and told me to leave, that my money was no good there nor was I wanted as a customer.

How dare he!

He, of the filthy fingernails and bulbous nose. He of the grease stained smelly clothes. He dares to say I am not wanted there?