August 13


Once upon a time, a serial killer decided to keep an online journal. He hoped it would lead to fame and fortune. Or free coffee. He began writing his words of wisdom years ago… unfortunately, all of his previous ramblings were lost in the latest server move. Apologies. The sane author shall do her best to locate those old postings and restore them, but, alas, she doesn’t have much hope. Apologies.

I began this serial killer’s journal several years ago, back in March 2002; I researched many, many serial killers – looking for answers, I guess. Why do they kill? What drives them? You see, the abnormal mind has always fascinated me…. So this journal was born. There are not many posts, less than 30 to date, thus far. You see, he is often too busy to post….

The killer is sporadic in his postings – yes, he is a male – and is in his late 30’s as of 2015. He hasn’t told me his birthday yet; his manner of speaking has changed over the years, although his journal doesn’t reflect those changes. He has become slightly more polished in his speech. He has worked hard to rid himself of his Southern accent and now speaks with a bit of a Midwestern twang. He is tall and slender; his hair is dark brown, nicely cut but worn slightly long – collar length.