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spaceThe year 2018 was quite bad for me, and my family. Some deaths sent me slightly off kilter; it was hard to read for pleasure, let alone try to fairly critique a fellow writers work without instilling the doom and gloom that was pervading my life. And then, the biggie hit.
spaceI had a stroke in 2018. After a very bad experience donating blood at the Red Cross, I began to feel quite odd... culminating in a stroke four days later. I honestly believe my body was trying to warn me not to give that blood (I did donate and am actually quite glad of it... it was needed and I urge all of my readers to consider donating) because at that particular time, I kinda needed it more than the possible recipient. But then again, if I hadn't donated, I wouldn't have learned about this problem and the results could have been so much worse. My left frontal lobe was hit - scary stuff readers cause that's where our words are. I talked with a slur (sounded drunk!) but never screwed up words or misunderstood words (aphasia: loss of ability to understand or express speech, caused by brain damage) or limped or anything. Although the left side of my mouth did droop a bit for awhile. First set of doctors said I'd need brain surgery... scary stuff!... neurologists at Emory - where I was transferred, said nope. There was actually a slight blockage below my right carotid (vein in the neck) and above my heart that was controlling the blood circulation to my right arm and brain. Vascular surgeon did a scope and found the blockage, but it was too dangerous to do anything about it from the angle he went in (via the femoral artery). So surgery number one out of the way. Surgery number two is upcoming (after a couple of failed scheduling errors) and the docs will go after the blockage from my right carotid artery, hopefully remove it and put a stent in place to open up the blood flow. Like I said, some scary stuff going on and the biggest thing I noticed - other than sounding like a drunk for several weeks - was this fog surrounding my mind. I simply could not think straight, I imagine it was similar to what a person with ADHD goes through, quite honestly.
spaceSo, still need surgery number two, but the fog is lifting... I am handcoding this page and remember how to link URLs and all that jazz *silly grin* so I guess the brain pan is adequately working again. I've downloaded oodles of books and plan to start reading again, this month, so hopefully reviews coming soon. Until then, hope you all have a marvelous New Year with loads of reading!


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