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bullet  Pumpkintown Perils Volume 1, Cozy Mysteryspacebullet  Scent of a Killer, Cozy Mysteryspacebullet  Bubba and the Dead Womanspace
bullet  The Witching on the Wall, Cozy Mysteryspace bullet  An Affair to Dismemberspacebullet  Miss Spelled, Cozy Mysteryspace
bullet  The Darkest Threadspacebullet  My Big Fat Demon Slayer Wedding (Biker Witches Mystery Book 5), some sexbullet  Alpha Packed, some sex, little mystery
bullet  Dying for a Living, Book 1 of boxed set  bullet  Dying by the Hour, Book 2 of boxed setspacebullet  Dying for Her, Book 3 of boxed set
bullet  Brush With Death: A Sadie Salt Urban Fantasy (Sadie Salt Series)spacebullet  Jamie Quinn Mystery Collectionspacebullet 


Young Adult

bullet  The Conduit, a fun readspacebullet  The Feral Sentence, dystopian talespacespacebullet  Roam, coming of age
bullet  The Feral Sentence II, dystopian talespace bullet  The Feral Sentence III, dystopian talespace bullet  The Feral Sentence IV, dystopian talespace
bullet  Satan's Sonspacebullet  Minespacebullet  Bewitching the Vampire, some sexbullet    spacebullet    spacebullet 


Miscellaneous - Sci-Fi & Horror

bullet  The Secret Deadspacebullet  spacebullet 
bullet  space


Romance, including Paranormal, little to no full-on sex

bullet  Frost Burnspacebullet  She Sins at Midnightspacebullet  Reaper's Claimspacebullet  Alpha Kadenspacebullet  Forged in Stone
bullet  Healer's Magicspacebullet  The Dragon's Heart - more sensual than eroticspacebullet  Smoke (The Slayer Chronicles Book 1)
bullet  Beauty and the Beast: An Adult Fairytale Romance (Once Upon a Spell Book 1)spacebullet  Fever: a Blood Moon Rising Werewolf Romance
bullet  Big Bad Bite, explicit in areas  spacebullet  Cade: New Orleans Billionaire Wolf Shifters with plus sized BBW mates (Le Beau Series Book 1)
bullet  Kissed by a Dark Prince, explicit in areas  spacebullet  Lord of the Bears (Wild Ridge Bears Book 1), explicit in areasspacebullet  Lost to the Night
bullet  Slip of Fate: An Enemies-to-Lovers Paranormal Romance (Werelock Evolution Book 1), extremely sensual
bullet  Girl from Jussara: Werelock Evolution Series Prequel (Novella)spacebullet  Mated to the Werewolf King bullet  Alpha Wolf's Pet, Hidden - Novella, some sex
bullet  Digging the Wolf, some sexspacebullet  The Panther's Lost Princess (Redclaw Security Book 1), some sexspacebullet 
bullet  Bootcamp of Misfit Wolves: Shifter Romance (Vanguard Elite Book 1), some sexspacebullet  spacebullet 



bullet  Playing With Firespace bullet  Bad Warspacebullet  The Merman's Kissspacebullet  The Centaur's Bridespacebullet  Stryker's Desire
bullet  Rescued by the Berserkerspace bullet  Burnspacebullet  Caught by the Dragon: Maiden to the Dragon
bullet  To Seduce a Witch's Heart, formerly known as "Blood, Pain and Pleasure"spacebullet  Violca's Dragon (The Dragon Ruby Series Book 1)
bullet  Djinn's Desirespacebullet  Blue Moon Dragon (Dragon Investigators Book 1)spacebullet  Wolves of the Rising Sun Volume 1: The Riveauxs
bullet  Sol: Luna Lodge Onespacebullet  Moonlight (Moon Series Book 1)spacebullet  Dragons Don't Cry: Dragon Shifter Romance (Fire Chronicles Book 1)
bullet  Fear the Heart (Werelock Evolution Book 2)spacebullet  Revenge of the Wronged (Werelock Evolution Book 3)spacebullet  Soft Shatter (Wolven Moon Book 1)space
bullet  The Protector: Hot Steamy Paranormal Romance (Heart of Stone Series Book 1), rape scenes spacebullet  Captured by the Dragon
bullet  Aaron: Mating Fever (Rocked by the Bear Book 4)spacebullet  Tiger Tail: Shifter Romance, very juvenilespace bullet 



bullet  The Captive, an Amazon video / DVD reviewedspace bullet  , an Amazon video / DVD reviewed
bullet  , an Amazon video / DVD reviewedspacespace bullet  , an Amazon video / web-series reviewed
bullet  , an Amazon video / DVD reviewedspacebullet  , an Amazon video / DVD reviewed


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