The Protector: Hot Steamy Paranormal Romance (Heart of Stone Series Book 1)

spaceLexy Timms' story "The Protector: Hot Steamy Paranormal Romance (Heart of Stone Series Book 1)" was not a good tale, in this reader's viewpoint. It is slowly, agonizingly slowly, revealed that male lead John, AKA Lycian, began to love protagonist Bellanna, AKA, Bella, AKA Constance, after raping her, followed by scene after scene of rough sex. It was not a romantic story, in this reader's eyes... no, not at all. Add to that, the sex scenes - probably two or perhaps three somewhat original, were simply repeated ad nauseum as first Constance and then Lycian lost there memories but remembered a certain sex act, which then allowed them to remember the person they had forgotten. The story jumps back and forth in time while the characters switch names - identities, and even personalities somewhat. While this reader was able to logically follow these various jumps in time and characters names, it didn't feel like a well told, flowing story - rather, it was like a bunch of scenes stitched together in a very loose fashion that still never gave a satisfying plot.
spaceAntagonist gargoyle king Malais is presented as a stereotypical twin brother of Jack/Lycian that actually turns out to be an okay guy - sort of - so another evil antagonist is introduced as Bellanna/Bella/Constance's "husband" (in quotes because he knew she was actually still married to Lycian, so their marriage wasn't a real marriage - not to mention never consummated because she actually hated him) Nicco/Merger Ballatori, enters the picture. This did not add drama or thrills, it simply added more scenes of repetitious incidents. There was absolutely nothing believable found within this story. Granted, it is a paranormal tale, but a reader can usually still find something inside a story to relate to, in some way. There was nothing in this tale; the characters were closer to paper cutouts than three dimensional characters one might empathize for or with.
spaceLexy Timms appears to be a prolific author with a fanbase... this reader will not be joining them after her first reading of this story. This reader cannot recommend this book or the author after forcing herself to finish the tale. Sorry, this reader simply doesn't care for "love" stories based on rape, period. There was also some grammar, spelling and punctuation errors found in this story, mainly in the form of missing words in various sentences. ** Review originally posted to Amazon reviews on August 8, 2017 and Goodreads on the same date. **


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