Captured by the Dragon

space"Captured by the Dragon" by K.T. Stryker is written in multiple points of view that are clearly marked; readers don't get dropped or lost in a character's head and wonder where they are, they simply continue to follow the tale. Stryker's story is a fairly sensual story of a young woman, protagonist Astrid, and her interest and eventual love for, dragon-shifter Templeton - Tem for short. There were many twists and turns to follow in this tale, some predictable - albeit told in an interesting way, while some were unexpected - always a pleasant surprise to this reader! A few spelling, grammar and punctuation errors were scattered throughout, mostly in the form of a missing word or two within a sentence. The errors were not enough to toss this reader from Stryker's world, but were noticable.
spaceCharacters were developed enough to see some changes in their personalities as the story progressed. Dialogue was believable and authentic to each character. Settings were detailed enough to allow a reader to visualize where the story or scene was taking place, and offered some rich imagery. While this reader has never had the pleasure of visiting the U.K., descriptions were rich enough to give her a feel for some of the areas - and quite honestly, a stronger desire to visit some day! The first sex scene was very sensual, especially considering Tem was shackled to a wall as Astrid gave him a sponge bath... it was nice seeing the female make the first moves on the dominant male, leaving him a quivering mass of jelly under her deft fingers. Okay, this was not the first story this reader has read where the female takes the lead... but, Astrid was also written as a sweetly naive, inexperienced girl and it was nice seeing her with the confidence to take what she wanted.
spaceAt the end of the story Stryker invites readers to join her mailing list and recieve a copy of a second book, "The Dragon's Passion" for free. This reader did not join the list. However, Astrid and Tem's story was detailed enough to be an enjoyable read - even with the few errors - that this reader has no qualms recommending the story or the author. ** Review originally posted to Amazon reviews on DATE and Goodreads on the same date. **


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