Soft Shatter (Wolven Moon Book 1)

space"Soft Shatter (Wolven Moon Book 1)" by Dany Rae Miller actually had a disclaimer further down the blurb section stating it had a somewhat lengthy MFM menage love scene and had this reader noticed it, she would not have gotten the book... her experimental stage is long over and she now prefers monogamous relationships - with or without the marriage certificate. And that would have been a rather large mistake, on this reader's part... Miller has a strong writer's voice that compells and commands a reader - via her interesting characters, mind you - wherever she desires you to be. What a ride! While the menage sex scene was very well written, this reader kept feeling protagonist Shav had made a huge mistake. Frankly, this reader feels menage is simply fucking (although Miller did capture sensuality in her scene), and she reads these romances for the sensuality and love scenes... erm... and the plot, of course! This reader freely admits she was enthralled by Enrique and wanted him with Shav, felt he was perfect for her. And this was still at the beginning of the book; he simply made a huge - favorable - impression on this reader. Wolves "attaching" to a person, not always recognizing them as a mate, was a fairly new concept in wolf-shifter's stories this reader has read. However, it was quite believable, especially when this retired dog breeder recalled various dogs she had owned, doing something similar to how Miller described the LaFontaine cousins... one showdog this reader bred, attached herself to a young pygmy goat and the two ran, jumped, played and slept together all of the time. So while this reader doesn't recall reading about this behavior in previous stories, she has actually witnessed said behavior in real life.
spaceSettings were vividly appealing and easy to visualize and imagine one is right there, watching, as things unfold. Dialogue was believable and authentic to each character, and always helped move the story along. This reader does recall some very minor grammar, spelling and/or punctuation errors - not enough to truly distract, but enough that she does actually recall seeing them. The tale itself is told from multiple points of view, which was a tad bit confusing at first, unsure of whose head she was in for a paragraph or two... often, this reader felt "off kilter" until well into the chapter. But then, perhaps that was Miller's intent, allowing the reader to have a taste of the confusion inside Shavone's headspace...? This reader was angered on behalf of Shav when she finally talked to her adopted sister, by the way - oops, spoiler alert!
spaceThere is no happily ever after ending to this book; Shav does not ride off into the sunset with her one true love. However, she does grow up - a lot - in this story, and begin to be able to see those around her a bit more clearly. This reader wonders if she did grow enough to truly deal with whatever life and the Alliance will next throw her way, but feels certain she'll be able to deal with Enrique guarding her back - instead of lieing to her face in the name of "protecting" her. Dany Rae Miller, I do believe this is the first menage "love" scene this reader has ever given a thumbs up to! This reader does recommend the book and Miller as a writer. ** Review originally posted to Amazon reviews on July 27, 2017 and Goodreads on the same date. **


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