Girl from Jussara: Werelock Evolution Series Prequel (Novella)

spaceHettie Ivers gave readers the companion novella, "Girl from Jussara: Werelock Evolution Series Prequel (Novella)" to help explain housekeeper Lupe's backstory and how she came to be willingly used by antagonist Maribel as seen in books two and three of the werelock series. This is not a hot, steamy romance - although it actually does have quite a bit of sensuality in the story. No, this is Lupe's story and how she came to become a human member of the Reinoso pack. While the tale does not fully explain how and why Lupe earned Alcaeus' utter devotion, it did show the dynamics their relationship was founded on. This reader did not think Lupe was Alcaeus' mate, but rather a human that intrigued and in some ways possibly inspired Alcaeus. This tiny little slip of a sixteen year old girl not only defeated one of the Reinoso's enemy's all by her little own lonesome, but had the tenacity and courage to seek out the help and protection of the thing she feared the most, a werelock, for the love of her yet unborn were-baby. This reader suspects Lupe's beauty drew Alcaeus in while his growing admiration for her tenacity, strength of will and courage, allowed a budding infatuation to blossom into full blown love for her.
spaceLupe's connection to Kai was easier for this reader to understand; they both have an inner darkness that understands and acknowledges the others darkness. While Kai's darkness swirls around his sexual needs and wants - as well as his grief over the loss of his true mate Maribel... Lupe's darkness is born from the brutality she witnessed as well as the inner need to exact revenge for the family wronged and it is nurtured by Maribel into a powerful force, as well as the all consuming requirement that she sever her soul-tie to Nahuel. Some readers felt seeing Alex and the way he communicated with Lupe as being his typical dickish self... however, he did not have to parade her around while holding her hand. Oh no, that was a purely Alpha move that gave his pack the visual - this human is important, this human matters to me. Lupe was terrified and expecting Alex to kill her, while actually, he was offering her his protection along with Alcaeus and Kai's. This move on Alex's part was similar to that of a dog laying claim to a certain toy, marking it without damaging it, showing every other dog around - this is mine to do with what I will, if you touch it, you will pay. This display actually showed this reader the true propensity of Alex's heart and gave her a full-on "Awwww" moment.
spaceSettings were once again easily visualized, and dialogue was believable and authentic to each speaking character. Ivers still delivers with a strong, warm and compelling voice that takes control of where a reader is going, all while remaining firmly in the back and allowing the characters to speak for themselves. Another reviewer recommended reading books one and two before reading this novella and this reader thinks her recommendation is spot on. This reader read books one through three before the novella and does not feel she missed anything by reading in that order, but does think the entire storyline might flow better with the other recommendation. This reader continues to strongly recommend this series and Ivers as a writer. ** Review originally posted to Amazon reviews on July 22, 2017 and Goodreads on the same date. **


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