Revenge of the Wronged (Werelock Evolution Book 3)

spaceHettie Ivers continues to deliver with part three of the spellbinding Werelock series. In "Revenge of the Wronged (Werelock Evolution Book 3)" we continue protagonist Melina and werelock-lover, Alex's story as they finally defeat (almost all of) Melina's trust issues. Quick mention, this is the first book of the three read that this reader does actually recall seeing a few grammar, spelling or punctuation errors which, if memory serves, seemed to pop up around the midway point of the book. While not glaring enough to toss this reader from Ivers beautifully crafted world, enough that they did remain in this reader's memory after finishing the tale and starting on the companion novella about Jussara. If memory serves, they were minor punctuation mishaps as well as either missing or extra words placed in some sentences.
spaceDialogue continues to be strong and believable, true and authentic to the character speaking. Readers see a slightly different form of Melina's continual internal struggles to face lifes injustices and, let's face it, selfishness. Finally, Melina faces some of her internal demons and opens herself to trust and readers can witness a spurt of character growth within her. Our little girl is growing up! Ivers voice remains as warm and compelling as in the first two tales; settings are detailed enough to visualize and feel as if one is a flea on the back of a wolf, watching incidents unfold. Many subplot issues are resolved while another bigger one hangs in the balance - yeah, a bit of a cliff hanger, but if one read these stories simply to follow along Melina and Alex's romance, they can stop reading here if they chose to. Or, wait for the next installment to see how much trouble that one bigger issue will shove at the Reinoso pack - no, the entire world... and how it might cause problems for these werelock's many of us have come to adore. As a tiny spoiler, Melina even has to start facing the fact that she really doesn't know her brother Raul, at all... and he solidified into a real prick in this readers eyes, too! *laughs*
spaceThis reader opted to take a short break (*grins* a day!) before delving into the companion novella, and allowing the delicious series to simply percolate and gel inside of her for a bit... however, similar to Alex's addiction to Melina, this reader freely admits her own addiction to all of these gorgeous werelocks. Hence, only a days break before starting the next read... and yes, she most certainly continues to highly recommend the series and Ivers as a writer - even though the story of the Rogue, as started in the epilogue, didn't grab her as tightly as the previous books did. I'm still hooked. ** Review originally posted to Amazon reviews on July 20, 2017 and Goodreads on the same date. **


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