Fear the Heart (Werelock Evolution Book 2)

spaceHere on my own domain, allow me to start this review off with, Ohmygod Ohmygod Ohmygod! and get it out of my system. Hettie Ivers second book in the werelock series, "Fear the Heart (Werelock Evolution Book 2)" was a deliciously sensual, hot continuation of the first book, "Slip of Fate". While difficult for this reader to relate to protagonist Milena quite often, erm... I haven't seen my teen years for quite some time, after all; once I reminded myself she was only eighteen, I felt... not so much empathy, but compassion for Milena and the choices she struggled with. This reader was actually able to see the werelock's views and empathize with them more often. After all, they are centuries old and I do tell my grandchildren that I am older than dirt. *grins* Book two of this series actually showed more character growth in Alpha Alex, allowing readers to see - and feel - the inner struggles he fought as he wrestled with his desire for Melina and allowed us to witness his true love for her when he placed her needs and desires above his own. Yes, I am talking about Melina's first heat cycle! Amazon will likely not allow this reader to use the words needed to describe Melina's realistic coquettish (meaning slutty!), passive-aggressive, confused attempts to relieve her burn. I use the term realistic as a former dog breeder that has witnessed young females coming into their first heat and the way they push their rumps into the males faces, wagging their tails invitingly and snapping angrily when they don't get what they want. Now. And the fear on their furry little faces when a male finally hits his limits and does give her what she demanded, in order to help her but ultimately to give himself relief... but Alex denied himself and only thought of Melina. Wow. While this reader admits she wanted him to take, she grew to love him even more when he didn't.
spaceThe comedy was still present in this second book, although often a different form. Much of the comedic relief seemed beatifully placed to help alleviate the tension surrounding Melina's sexual need. The story was still moving at the fairly quick pace where book one had ended; comedy helped break things up and slow things down a touch before once again zooming along. Dialogue was still realistic and authentic to each character; settings described were easy for this reader to visualize and appreciate. Readers were also given a chance to meet antagonist Gabriel and learn a bit more about the Salvatella family and how Melina's brother Raul was fitting in. This reader admits she is on the fence concerning Gabriel, although feels Alcaeus is spot on with his "weenie" description, too. As presented, this reader was still unsure if Gabriel wanted Melina to join his pack for altruistic reasons - or a power grab. Ivers did a darn good job of presenting just enough reasons for either case to be true, essentially keeping her writers head out of the narrative and allowing the character to speak for himself. Readers are also presented with another antagonist in the form of a deceased character, Kai's mate, Maribel. And while this reader does not like to toss out spoilers, she will categorically state she felt Melina's assessment of Maribel was spot on, compared to how the majority of the pack felt about her and her manipulative actions.
spaceOnce again, this book had a cliff hanger ending (grrr) but a totally hot and sensual one. Would Alex and Melina finally "do the deed" in book three? Yep, you got it... this reader rushed right back into Amazon and nabbed the third installment with absolutely no hesitation. This series is a hot and sensual read that grabbed this reader and didn't let her go, and she still highly recommends the series and author. ** Review originally posted to Amazon reviews on July 19, 2017 and Goodreads on the same date. **


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