Sol: Luna Lodge One

spaceThis reader is on the fence concerning this book, "Sol: Luna Lodge One" by Madison Stevens, having found the story jumps around a lot where a reader is left wondering what the heck is going on - in other words, no transitioning into what is being tossed at a reader and one must guess at many things. And a huge factor was reading the reviews before posting my own and finding many reviewers follow and read another writer this reader does not happen to read - Laurann Dohner - and several categorically stated Stevens' book is outright plagarism of a sucessful series Dohner wrote several years ago. That truly burns this readers blood icy cold.
spaceCharacters did not seem fully developed, although a reader could likely visualize their physical looks; some hints of personality and temperament traits slightly differed, but not enough to make each character really stand out on his or her own. Dialogue was stilted and unnatural sounding more than believable. Settings were minimally described, it was actually somewhat difficult for this reader to visualize where characters were standing or driving to or sleeping, etc. Point of view switched without transitions or breaks, making it difficult to figure out whose head the reader is in, from paragraph to paragraph, throughout the novella. There was no prologue/background as to why these hybrids were created, and what the Group that did the creating, ultimately intended for them. Honestly, this poorly written tale left more questions by the end of the story, than it answered.
spaceThere were some spelling, grammar and punctuation errors scattered throughout the story. Some scenes were written in vivid detail and very enjoyable, while others left this reader wondering if important sections had been left on the editing floor. This reader cannot call plagarism on Stevens as she hasn't read the series others state she stole from - Lauann Dohner's books, but she can safely withhold a recommendation based on the confusing and thin storyline as well as lack of character and setting descriptions. ** Review originally posted to Amazon reviews on June 29, 2017 and Goodreads on the same date. **


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