Big Bad Bite

space"Big Bad Bite" by Jessie Lane was a decently written book with few grammar, punctuation or spelling errors... an occasional extra word in a sentence or something of that nature. Not enough to toss a reader from Lane's carefully crafted world, but enough to be noticable. The plot was a tad thin centering around a rogue pack of shifters wanting to subjugate humans while the 'heart-of-gold- Alpha pack leader of another pack was busy trying to not only woo his mate, but keep his pack first and humanity second, safe. Said Alpha and hero pack leader Adam was definitely drool-worthy, however. This reader truly expected a hint of an accent from him, yet was disappointed on that end... with his red hair and surname of McPhee, an accent actually presented itself in this readers mind whenever he spoke.
spaceDialogues between characters were natural and believable, each authentic to its speaker. Protagonist Jenna was presented as a strong - perfect - female lead, which made her a bit unbelievable at the beginning. Once she ran up against Others - what supernaturals are called in Lane's world - that had superior strength and abilities to hers, ones that could likely kick her tail between her legs, Jenna became easier to like. She was snarky and quirky and worked on maintaining her self-confidence throughout the tale, yet her niavete often had her taking offense and verbally attacking others - mainly males - when it wasn't necessary. While likely written for both comedic effect and examples of her strength, they simply made her come across as a witch spelled with a capital 'B'. There were also many, many times in the story where 'information dumps' occurred. The information dropped was likely intended to help readers understand various workings in Lane's world and some of the characters backgrounds, but these dumps felt overdone to the point where it almost felt like this reader was reading a textbook. Surely Lane could have devised other ways to get the information through... perhaps in dialogue, or much smaller information drops scattered in various places, using a sentence or three to get the jist across instead of piling all of the information in one place. That actually detracted from the story, making sections downright boring to read.
spaceLane gave terrific detail to the setting, allowing this reader to visualize and draw on some of her other senses as she read the story. Although knowing what every floor held or looked like in shifter-owned buildings was not necessary in this readers opinion, especially when the building that was described would only be used for a scene or three. Oddly enough, an overload of details can distract and create boredom... I say 'oddly enough' due to often complaining many writers do not give enough details, but Lane detailed everything. That said, this reader will recommend Lane's story but likely will not follow the series. ** Review originally posted to Amazon reviews on June 17, 2017 and Goodreads on the same date. **


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