To Seduce a Witch's Heart

spaceNadine Mutas, a new-to-me writer, has won a place on this reader's bookshelf and slammed right into her heart with her first book, "To Seduce a Witch's Heart". This book is the first of a series already on the ground, with apparently the first three books available and number four on its way. Mutas' first book was decently edited, with extremely few grammar, spelling or punctuation errors... honestly, only two spelling errors come to mind towards the last third of the book. An 'e' inadvertantly dropped off the word 'white' was the first error that this reader noticed. Mutas' style is inviting; not quite the feel of gossiping over coffee with a friend, but still warm and easy to fall into the world she created and giggle at protagonist Merle's faux pas while gasping at drool-worthy demon Rhun's tantalizing comebacks geared to seduce Merle. Merle is a witch from a long line of witches, the current head of their familial line; Rhun is a demon that requires blood, pain and pleasure to feed off of. And Mutas does an excellent job showing their chemistry with humor, as their feelings for one another grow. And hot sex. Lots and lots of hot sex. A demon needs to eat, right?
spaceThere are not enough words in this reader's mind to describe how truly delicious she found this book - likely due to her brain still being melted to mush over the sensual, hot love scenes. Goodness, is it hot in here? The characters were developed well enough to easily visualize and empathize with and for; secondary characters had just enough details to not only picture them, but allow a reader to care for them a bit, too. Which is most definitely a good thing, as apparently the second book concerns a secondary character in the tale told about Merle and Rhun, her best friend Lily. Through backstory and current happenings, readers can see and feel the changes occurring within Merle and Rhun's personalities; we can see their growth as they first fight, and then fight for, their love for one another. Rhun is not a typical alpha male a reader might find in most other paranormal or regular romances. Oh no. Until he comes to realize just how much Merle means to him, in many respects he goes about his ways as a selfish, self-centered, dominant demon that is out for whatever pleases him... he loves to annoy Merle and push her into a fine temper, whereas most alpha males tend to go out of their way to soothe and even coddle the femme of their desire. Whether she wants to be coddled or not. But this irascible demon begins to understand, it truly bothers him when Merle is upset or stressed - unless he is the direct cause of that stress, that is, and can give her quips about how he can reduce her stress. He relishes making her blush, almost showing a child-like giddiness over that power to redden Merle's cheeks, which, of course, he keeps hidden from Merle. But Merle is not a typical heroine either, and is quite perceptive so usually gives back as good as she gets. Usually. But that sneaky demon can get under her skin.
spaceDialogue was natural and authentic to each character. Settings were fairly easily visualized, enough to allow a reader the feeling of being right beside the characters as they pushed or stumbled into the next roadblock in their path. The world Mutas created was definitely interesting and believable, a place this reader not only enjoyed exploring, but hated to leave. This was one hot read with lots of sex scenes - Rhun feeds off pleasure, remember? There are expected - and unexpected -twists and turns in this action-packed, sensual romance. Again I ask, is it hot in here? This reader highly recommends Nadine Mutas and this oh-so-hot tale of a demon seducing and winning a witch's heart. ** Review originally posted to Amazon reviews on June 1, 2017 and on Goodreads on the same date. **


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