Caught by the Dragon: Maiden to the Dragon

spaceMac Flynn's "Caught by the Dragon: Maiden to the Dragon" was a very fast read, but did have several grammar, punctuation, spelling, and continuity error's in it. For instance, within the first several pages, Flynn inadvertantly used the word 'catch' when she obviously meant 'cash', and when the taxi driver alerted protagonist Miriam and her friend Heather that they were being followed by a red car, a few paragraphs later while the girls were hiding in an alley, a black car sped past. It was still a cute, fast read with loads of offbeat and backhanded humor in it. And humor is a good thing, especially when the tale begins with captive women being forced into servitude that is suppose to be an honor. Miriam handled her captivity in her own snarky way while ultimately delighting her new dragon lord, Xander.
spaceFlynn has an almost 'folksy' sounding voice that truly invites a reader to follow along and see what might lie ahead. She also uses nice descriptive imagery in setting up her scenery which allows a reader to visualize where they are; however, the character's could have used a bit more descriptors in this readers opinion. While the dragons were easily visualized, the human forms were a little tougher to bring to mind. Dialogue was believable and authentic to each character; this reader really loved the 'attitude' Miriam always presented, more so than the temperament secondary character Olivia had shown.
spaceThis story is a stand alone, but the first in a series which will apparently continue on with Miriam and Xander's adventure. It was a fairly simple and uncomplicated read. The sex scenes were sensual and this reader loved the idea of the male dragons scent glands, similar to pheremone producing. Even with the editing errors found, this reader enjoyed the tale and will recommend this first tale of the series. ** Review originally posted to Amazon reviews on May 25, 2017 amd Goodreads on the same date. **


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