spaceJayelle Morgan is a new-to-me writer; the first book this reader read was a paranormal romance titled "Burn", about elemental warriors protecting the Earth while saving their own dimension as well. Characters were described well enough to easily visualize, for the most part; however, the antagonist group, the 'Chaolt's', were not quite so easily envisioned with a description of looking almost human but not quite. One Chaolt that played a semi-prominent role was Charlie, and Morgan could have taken the opportunity to describe him more fully without causing too much of a break in the action.
spaceIt needs to be mentioned the way hero Levi introduced himself to protagonist Brooke, all because she had smiled at him... while this reader prefers not to give away spoilers, the unexpected dancing comment made me laugh out loud, appreciate Levi's confidence and hint of vulnerability, all while garnering an inkling of the subtle comedy that would be involved in the tale. Levi and Brooke made references to Levi's introductory comment throughout their story, showing his earlier remark had made an impression on both of them, as well, and was actually a small guiding line to these two character's growth. There were a few minor grammar, spelling and punctuation errors found, mainly towards the end of the book. Dialogue was believable and fairly unique to each character. Morgan wrote with a steady and inviting pace, building not only the action, but the sensual heat between Levi and Brooke, culminating in tantalizing sex scenes and a satisfying ending to this adventure - while never ending the war between the Elementals and Chaolts.
spaceJayelle Morgan is a talented storyteller bringing alive a tale with somewhat unusual characters while setting the stage for an interesting, fun and sexy series. It gives this reader pleasure to recommend not only Morgan as a writer, but this series she is gifting the reading world. ** Review originally posted to Amazon reviews on May 23, 2017 and Goodreads on the same date. **


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