The Centaur's Bride

spaceTamsin Ley offered this reader an ARC (advanced reader's copy) of her newest offering, "The Centaur's Bride", and boy did she deliver. Black is a drool-worthy, vulnerable alpha male that sets his eyes on ranch owner, protagonist Renee; meanwhile, young Renee has already called "Dibs" on the ranch hand-vet, pleased as punch she beat her outgoing, socialite friend Steph for a chance to ride the gorgeous cowboy. Riding a cowboy never sounded so good!
spaceThe characters are believable, developed and have room to grow and change. Main characters Black and Renee both grew more into themselves, showing personality and positive characteristic changes by the end of the tale. Antagonist Lori could have been developed more as she was fairly one dimensional in her presentation, although her dialogue was nicely done. Dialogue was believable and flowed naturally in each scene; each character was aptly shown through their dialogue in a distinct and unique fashion. The setting descriptions were all very well done, allowing this reader to visualize the ranch and surrounding area and even feel the heat of the day.
spaceThis reader confesses she was a bit concerned about the potential sex scenes between a centaur and human female; it had never entered my mind that a centaur could or would be a shifter so that originality alone is worth high kudos to Ley. The budding love between Black and Renee was sweetly sensual while their sex scenes were titillating, erotic, and hot. The story was told with a good, fairly quick pace, allowing this reader to finish in one sitting and wishing for more. This reader cannot recall any glaring spelling, grammar or punctuation errors, either. This reader highly recommends Tamsin Ley and looks forward to her next offering. ** Review originally posted to Amazon reviews on April 7, 2017 and Goodreads on the same date. **


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