Stryker's Desire

spaceThis reader recently received an advanced reader copy (ARC) of "Stryker's Desire" by Meg Ripley, in exchange for an honest review. Once again, Ripley portrays a softer side to her dragon shifter's; although protagonist Cade Stryker did start off giving the impression of the somewhat stereotypical arrogant, condecending and aloof billionaire dragon, his softer and vulnerable side shone through once his mate, Hope, caught his attention. Cade was fleshed out fairly well and had room to grow, which he did throughout the story. Hope's character wasn't quite as fleshed out, but did grow and change from about the midway point on. Young teenager Lexi seemed quite prominent, at least to Hope, but was never fully fleshed out and no real insight was ever given as to her story and why she meant so much to Hope. Antagonist Victer was pretty much a stereotypical bad guy slash human-hating-dragon.
spaceDialogue was believable and unique to each character - even Victor's 'snooty' tone of voice, always helping to move the plot forward. Settings were done well enough to give a reader an impression of where they were, but frankly, not as visually appealing - as in, allowing this reader to truly visualize or be able to draw a comparison to places she has been, even though she actually has been to Vegas - as Ripley's previous dragon shifter book, "Playing with Fire", that this reader reviewed in February of this year. There were very few spelling, grammar and or punctuation errors found in the story. Two scenes come to mind where Ripley apparently changed a sentence but left an extra word in that didn't quite fit... for instance, in Cade's bedroom, a sentence has the word "she" in it when it wasn't needed. There was a similar error in or near the lounge scene, as well.
spaceThis was a quick read but an enjoyable one. This reader actually preferred the earlier mentioned dragon shifter tale, but was still happy to have read this one. Meg Ripley earned a place on this reader's home bookshelves with her other book, and this story will definitely keep her spot reserved. This reader is happy to continue recommending Meg Ripley's writing. ** Review posted to Amazon reviews on April 29, 2017 and Goodreads on June 12, 2017. **


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