Alpha Kaden

spaceMidika Crane's "Alpha Kaden" was sent to this reader in ARC (advanced reader copy) format in exchange for an honest review. Crane apparently began publishing this tale on the Wattpad site, where it was discovered by the new publisher. The ARC contained a few spelling, grammar and punctuation errors that hopefully will be corrected before final publication; however, far less errors than this reader has observed in stories read at the Wattpad site. The tale itself was only so-so following the unstated but overtly implied theme of good versus evil. For a shifter story, the wolves rarely shifted into werewolf form.
spaceCharacters were somewhat two dimensional, lacking any true depth of character, little to no personality - which is typically observed by various quirks and traits in characters - and very few identifying features other than certain packs seem to have certain eye and hair color and might have a certain sound to their speech, which Crane simply identifies as "exotic" or something similar. Dialogue was fairly stilited throughout, making it unbelievable; in other words, each character sounded pretty similar to the next, without a truly unique sound to the speaker. Crane also seemed to slip in and out of showing versus telling in the entire story, missing some scenes where she might have truly engaged a reader by offering sensory descriptions instead of having the character just state what it looked or felt like. This also applied to most of the setting descriptions, never truly allowing a reader to visualize where they are. The two sex scenes were fairly innocuous and juvenile as written, and didn't really help advance the plot - if left out, the story might be considered a "sweet" romance suitable for young adults. Crane also slipped into multiple points of view, likely to increase the mystery or suspense; however, not giving readers a clue whose head they are currently in, makes it a confusing read. Finally, what this reader found most troubling was that several scenes were highly familiar to her, enough that she knew what was going to happen before finishing the scene. Although, it is possible this reader stumbled across the original story on the Wattpad site at some earlier date, too.
spaceMidika Crane's story was an okay read; nothing particularly inspiring or awesome, but a passable way to fritter away some time. If the two sex scenes were removed, the story would be suitable for teens and young adults. The ending felt rushed and not all problems mentioned by the characters were resolved by story ending. This reader will not 'not' recommend the book, but isn't fully recommending it, either. ** Review originally posted to Amazon reviews on May 14, 2017 and Goodreads on April 27, 2017. **


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