spaceErik Therme sent an ARC (advanced reader's copy) of his latest novel, "Roam", in exchange for an honest review to this reader and as she had already enjoyed his writing style, this reader looked forward to delving into the story. Once again, Therme presented interesting and identifiable characters that had plenty of room to grow. The tale itself is a story within a story; it is not discovered until the final chapter that all of the events reader's are following, are actually a story published author Kody is reading - the new novel his girlfriend Sabrina had just finished writing. That was a gem of a twist in this reader's eyes, revealing these previously unknown characters.
spaceDialogue throughout the story is believable, each character having their own unique voice. Settings were described well enough to make them easily visualized. This reader does not recall any grammar, spelling or punctuation errors, although one scene called for a character to stub out his cigar and a couple of short paragraph's later he ashed that same cigar, which resulted in a tiny continuity error. Protagonist Sarah was presented as a somewhat typical young adult that has grown up in a small community; she is naive without realizing it, a bit selfish yet still caring about others, a tad bit self-centered, and believing that now that she has reached the age of twenty-one, she is a full-fledged adult and the world will suddenly and surely appreciate her accomplishment and reward her with... something. This reader would have enjoyed learning even more about the three men in Sarah's life; fresh-faced Kevin, sickly Scotty, and of coure, self-serving and domineering Matt. However, details were not lacking concerning these male characters. This reader simply found these men to be fascinating and interesting.
spaceTherme's story has an underlying theme of hope; yet, it is also a fully enjoyable character study of mainly three characters - Sarah, Kevin and Scotty. Their daily trials and tribulations are easily identifiable to many; the various life incidents they encounter are not truly extreme or extraordinary - as in, nothing supernatural but simply experiences many have lived through, although not all have survived intact. Yet each circumstance they have encountered offered them paths to choose between and all combined helped form the unique individuals they grew to be. Once again, Erik Therme does not disappoint and this reader gladly recommends his story. ** Review originally posted to Amazon reviews on March 19, 2017. **


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