Bootcamp of Misfit Wolves: Shifter Romance (Vanguard Elite Book 1)

spaceAnnie Nicholas' novella "Bootcamp of Misfit Wolves: Shifter Romance (Vanguard Elite Book 1)" was a fun read. This was book one of a series that now has five completed stories and with Nicholas' warm, inviting, lighthearted tone, it is no small wonder her fans asked for more and she delivered more to them. Book one introduced several characters that likely appeared throughout the series; each character was left plenty of room to grow and flesh out as the larger story unfolded, while still being presented strongly enough to visualize and empathize with most. There wasn't a traditional happily-ever-after ending in this first story, as the tale was not entirely finished. Nicholas didn't end with a cliff hanger, per se, but rather as she answered some questions, she allowed others to pop up and grow enough to tickle a readers curiosity - inviting them to follow along with these misfits.
spaceThere were some spelling, grammar and punctuation errors scattered throughout, but none glaring enough to toss this reader from the world. The world itself is nicely crafted with settings that are fairly easy to visualize and almost feel as if one is there peeking over the shoulder - like a flea? - of whichever wolf shifter is in the forefront. Dialogue between the characters flows and is believable and authentic to each character speaking.
spaceThe premise of this novella and the series (I assume) is quite interesting. Take members from packs that are less than desirable from the pack's viewpoint, turn them over to the training skills of an ancient Nosferatu vampire, and voila - the makings of an elite group of warriors - if they survive the training, that is... now known as the Vanguard Elite. This reader loved the humor and the warmth found in Nicholas' writing voice. Therefore, I have absolutely no qualms recommending the writer and this tale. ** Review originally posted to Amazon reviews on December 5, 2017 and Goodreads on the on same date. **


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