Tiger Tail: Shifter Romance

spaceSky Winters "Tiger Tail: Shifter Romance" was a massive disappointment to this reader; the main story moved so quickly - and not in a good, fast-paced-action way - that it felt as if huge chunks of the story was missing. Honestly, I only made it through the main story and all of the motorcycle club stories, I never bothered with the alien or other shifter stories; each story that I did read, needed massive proof reading. There were loads of spelling, grammar, punctuation, and tense issues, especially in the later biker tales. Names were reversed, like Stephanie grabbed Stephanie; or, genders were reversed, like she grabbed her hand - when it was a male and female together. The word "muscular" was used when "muscles" seemed to be intended, repeatedly. Each had an extremely juvenile feel to the actual storyline and the writer's voice; it felt as if this reader was perusing a teenager's blog or diary. Of the stories read - the main story and six biker stories, all but one had the male and female have sex and fall madly in love within the first twenty-four hours, so the believability was completely nonexistent. In the one story, they waited approximately three weeks before having sex and falling madly in love.
spaceNone of the stories had developed characters; the biker characters in the six stories were all stereotypical and high ranking - either the vice president or president of their individual motorcycle clubs. The female interests were all vapid and insipid, no one was worthy of feeling empathy for and so under-developed, this reader could not feel empathy with - anyone. Each character throughout all seven story's I read were one dimensional, almost cartoonish in nature. Wait. That would imply they had a personality present in the tale. None did. All of the biker's tales seemed trivial and childish, no matter the stated ages of characters. None stood out in any way, shape or form. No drama, action or depth, anywhere - characters or plot. Dialogue was stilted, forced and unnatural sounding; in no way authentic to any individual character.
spaceAll in all, this reader's first reading of Sky Winters storytelling was a huge disappointment. Her formula seemed the same in each story she told that I read... boy meets girl, boy and girl have sex within twenty-four hours, boy and girl are madly in love and get married, the end. There was no sensual or steamy aspects, no flirtatious buildup; simply, meet, screw, and marry. Blah. Had that formula been used only in the shifter story, it might have worked... it is completely acceptable for the shifter to sense his or her fated mate well before the other one realizes they are meant to be together. That is where many writer's build a sensual tone into a story, during this wooing phase. I won't bother with any of the other bonus stories, or this writer, again. ** Review originally posted to Amazon reviews on December 20, 2017 and Goodreads on the same date. **


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