Alpha Wolf's Pet, Hidden

space"Alpha Wolf's Pet, Hidden" by Eva Gordon took this reader a very long time to read due to some glitches in the way my Kindle handled it... sections were skipped in the beginning of the story leaving me with many, many, many "Huh?!?" moments. However, the book remained on my Kindle and I was finally able to read it. There were some grammar and punctuation errors - too many commas drove me a bit bonkers, I'll admit. Flashbacks to fill in pieces of protagonist Mia's life were handled fairly smoothly with decent transitions. Dialogue between various characters worked well, allowing a reader to 'hear' the different nuances that differentiate characters from one another - while moving the story forward. Overall, however, the writing didn't seem to truly 'flow' but felt forced and rushed at times - like there were gaps still missing but not quite as noticable as what the earlier mentioned glitches kept hidden.
spaceGordon's novella is part of a trilogy but is definately a stand alone; there wasn't a cliffhanger ending forcing a reader to wait until book two to find out if all is well. There is a bit of a happily-ever-after ending presented. Well, more like a happy-for-now ending, actually. Gordon's werewolf lineage is different, as well as werewolf culture and ideology, making her story a bit different from other offerings concerning werewolves. This reader can only recall one other recent book were a werewolf king had dominion over all werewolves, and the concept that each reigning king can change the rules and laws at his whim was interesting - yet unsettling, as well! Some felt almost 'foreign' to this reader, yet it fit the tale and kept me turning the pages. The story had a strong sensual overtone that truly worked... not quite a love story but definitely a lust story.
spaceCharacterization could benefit with more fleshing out, as both protagonist Mia and alpha Dominic were fairly one dimensional in their presentation. While Eva Gordon is a new-to-me writer, and I freely admit I enjoyed her story once those pesky Kindle related glitches were fixed, at this point, I am unsure if I will continue the trilogy or not. I will recommend this novella as a fairly sensuous read and will consider revisiting this different werewolf world again in the future. ** Review originally posted to Amazon reviews on November 27, 2017, and to Goodreads on the same date. **


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