She Sins at Midnight

space"She Sins at Midnight" by Whitney Dineen has to be one of the funniest books I've read in quite some time. Hardly any editing errors such as spelling, grammar and punctuation, with, I think, two words misused - as in, this reader thinks a spell checker substituted a word for the one intended - that I recall, this book was really an absolute delight for this reader to read. Part of the beauty of this story is the protagonist, Lila, is a "secret" writer of romance novels and we readers are allowed to read along with various characters reading the story - a story within the story with one being a historical romance - Lila's book, and one being a romantic comedy - Dineen's book. As another added bonus, readers are treated to not just one successful romance, not just two, but three different characters finding and either becoming engaged or marrying their love - along with the heroine in Lila's novel!
spaceThis reader would not classify Dineen's story as erotica, but there is a very definite sensual feel when things heat up; mix in laugh out loud moments, and this reader is not ashamed to admit she couldn't put the book down. The core characters all compliment one another nicely, as they should, since several of them are home for their fifteen year high school reunion. Secondary characters are just as quirky and fun to read about. The antagonist had a mixture of femme fatale, vixon, temptress, and bimbo wrapped up inside of her self-indulgent and spoiled personality; the type of female many want to hate and most are oh-so-pleased to see her get her come-uppance in the end.
spaceThe story was fast paced, characters were believable and easy to empathize with, dialogue was consistant to each character and believable. This reader finds it completely safe to say she highly recommends this book for a laugh-out-loud fun read, and looks forward to reading more from Whitney Dineen's creative mind! ** Review originally posted to Amazon reviews on January 28, 2017. **


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