spaceStory time! Once upon a time, way back in the year 2003, a domain was created to house graphics and web pages created for very special occasions like birthdays and other fun events. At a later date in 2004, the domain expanded to offer web hosting and served many clients for several years. In the year 2014 the decision was made to discontinue web hosting services so the designer, moi', could focus on college. Fast forward to today, the year 2016... that original domain which no longer offers hosting, is now mainly a spot to read book and movie reviews as well as selected pieces of original fiction, such as the fictitious blog of a serial killer that is drawn to coffee, and sugar, and, well... blood.
spaceM'kay, 'nuff of the cutsy stuff, eh? So, pretty - but fun! - start page created. Check. Brand new format and graphics - created by moi', of course - created and uploaded. Check. Invitation - and application - to Book Review 22 is completed, along with instructional email already read. Check. So, simply click on the large button saying 'Next' below, to read the reviews. Book reviews for Book Review 22 will begin after May 21, 2016; the first list of books will be sent for my perusal on May 21, 2016 and I'll need a few days to read - obviously - before writing a review and posting. *scratches head* Okay, so let's say the actual reviews will be live June 2016, although you can find my older reviews on Amazon anytime you feel like it. ** EDIT: Quickie update here. Books reviewed are not just from Book Review 22, rather many are author requested and some are publisher requested. This includes the year 2016 and on, since it is now midway through 2017! Either way, this reviewer is being kept quite busy... hmmm, less time to write... / insert pouty face here. **
spaceOne final note... since this domain is privately owned, the reviews will have a static address, meaning - once uploaded they'll stay for as long as I own the domain. The graphical design may change periodically, but the address where the reviews started, will remain the same.


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